Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meaning of Numbers In Fengshui

or the meaning of the numbers according to fengshui might sound familiar but do not quite understand the concept especially for us who are not from ethnic descent tionghua. The concept of numbers or numbers are considered in Feng Shui. Many believe, the figure implies a lot of things so that the term good numbers and bad numbers. Fengsui number 4 for example is often poorly understood due to a misunderstanding of a particular cultural interpretation.

meaning of numbers according to fengshui

In regard to your home, every detail is important in analyzing Feng Shui, including the house number. Even so, is it wise to say, there is a good Feng Shui or bad Feng Shui house number, vehicle number or the number hp? So, how do you respond to the fact that Feng Shui your house number is considered to have bad Feng Shui?

Well, it helps if you look at this issue with a broader perspective.
When you connect more deeply with the energy of your home, you will begin to understand how the Feng Shui of the bedroom, for example, affect your health, or Feng Shui at the main entrance to strengthen the overall energy of your home.

In addition it is important to pay attention to detail when repairing fengsui home, it is important to be calm and wise meaning when addressing erroneous concepts such as Feng Shui Feng Shui house number. So, if you believe that house numbers be a source of misfortune, of course it's not a smart attitude.

The best way to understand the pure energy of the figures is a look into the ancient science of numerology or numbers. Once you browse some good sources of numerology, you will begin to see similarities between them and understand more energy on specific numbers or combinations of numbers. You will also understand that each culture has interpretations are somewhat different to the meaning of the numbers.

Energy from these figures, as well as other energy in life, always come to help understand your development. Once you feel the meaning of the numbers 0 through 9, you can then add up the number of your house to find a single-digit numbers and their meanings.

Do not interpret the meaning of the numbers directly. For example, if your house number is 313, which, when added together (3 + 1 + 3) means 7, and one of the trend of the number 7 is the silence / solitude, do not interpret that will remain alone forever.